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Our Company

G2 Go Travel is an online training company providing tools and education for our associates. An emerging leader in the industry, G2 Go Travel Inc., a Wyoming Corporation, is a privately held company based in the USA with offices in China, India, The Philippines, and Australia soon to follow. G2 Go Travel has active representatives and members in more than sixty countries.

The idea for G2 Go Travel came from our founders, conceiving the idea of a company that harnesses the combined powers of the Internet and network marketing to do something that no one else has been able to do in either industry. With the help of our technology you will have learned to use the tools to book departures from more than 150 countries. The company's technology offers something that is one-of-a-kind in the travel industry. It's an exciting time in travel. The boundaries of our global community are rapidly blurring, communication is faster and travel is easier and more affordable than ever.

We're building a company that we believe will become the dominant player in the industry. When you think of online auctions, who do you think of? When you think of online books and music sales, who do you think of? When you think of learning to become a travel agent, we want you to think of G2 Go Travel.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to create one of the largest and most respected travel training companies in the world. G2 Go Travel's superior field and corporate leadership will create the ultimate opportunity for our representatives. As a team we will become a "Multi-Billion Dollar Giant" in the travel Industry. Our people and customers are the foundation of our success. Enriching lives and improving lifestyles will always be our lasting commitment.

Join G2 Go Travel and let us show you how to make your dreams come true!

"We Are Going Places!"

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